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5 Fave Reasons Why I Love Spud

I originally starting looking into juicing and eating organic late last year, while working at a local chiropractic office. Around the time I was learning all about CSA programs, which stands for ‘Community Supported Agriculture’. They connect local farms and produce suppliers with people living in the community, and the end result is a win-win for everyone. Farmers get local support for their businesses, and you get fresh & local produce at a great price. We have a few fantastic CSA programs in the Fraser Valley, but unfortunately, they are not year round. In addition, you usually have to sign up for at least $20 a week during their open season for the entire season. We eat fresh produce, but since it’s just the two of us, I knew a majority of the weekly package would end up wasted.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I discovered Spud (which actually stands for Sustainable Produce, Urban Delivery) through my sister on Facebook. They operate based on the CSA model, and offer harvest boxes that vary depending on selection, season and what is available locally. I love this! It’s a bit of a surprise what will be included each week (although you can check online if you ever want to know), and new ingredients are helpful in keeping me on my veggie toes! Interested in learning more? Read on for my 5 fave reasons why I’m hooked.

They’re Organic

Spud2In the past, I haven’t made much effort in eating organic. Sure, I stock up on organic and GMO free goodies when I head south of the border to Trader Joe’s, but I’ve never made the effort to only shop organic when doing my regular grocery shopping. Within the past year or so, I’ve taken steps towards a more natural approach to my health, and am beginning to reconsider the benefits of switching to organic. My naturopath strongly advised it, but I always though it was more hassle than good. Since she’s served me well in giving up prescription medications (and I now swear by Rhodiola), I owed it to her to give it a try. I love how Spud is organic, and makes it very easy for me to shop organic.

They’re Local (As Much As Possible)

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.38.34 PMWoohoo – look at all those local vendors! This is just a screenshot of their vendors page, but I encourage you to check out the entire list right here. A few of my favourite? Happy Planet Foods (from Richmond), Anita’s Organic (from Chilliwack) and Avalon Dairy (from Burnaby). Plus all the local farmers of course!

They Make Juicing Easy

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.48.38 PMI’m a huge fan of juicing – but not a huge fan of deciding what to buy to put in my juice. I tend to stick to carrots, apples and oranges because I know for certain that those mixed together will still taste good!  On my first Spud order, I selected the Juicing for Kids Box – just because it looked safe to mix all the ingredients together if I wanted too. Don’t judge!

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.50.59 PM

It gave me a selection of items that I probably wouldn’t have purchased on my own, and I’ve already experimented with adding celery and kale into my morning juices. In fact, it is because of this juicing box (in combination with the Organic Fruit for the Week Box), that I attempted by very first mean green juice. I’m happy to report it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be!

They Have Free Samples

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.25.16 PM

When placing orders on Spud, there’s a section on their website for free samples! When they have samples to offer, you can select up to 5 in one order – and they’ll toss them right in with everything else! Pretty cool, right? This week, I’m getting a new kind of tea to try. Which is great because my husband is currently depleting our tea supply in record leaps.

They Deliver


This is hands down, the best part. I know, some of you may think I’m just lazy for having my fruits and veggies delivered to me from a company that operates out of Vancouver. But here’s my reasoning:

  • They deliver to Chilliwack 1x week, so I know I’m getting yummy produce every Wednesday.
  • It’s guaranteed organic. If I’m zipping into the store, you can be sure I don’t have time to search for organic & GMO free options.
  • It feels kind of like Christmas – and I like that! There’s nothing better than arriving home to find goodies on your doorstep. All of a sudden good-for-you greens are a lot more welcome in your household.
  • They package things well. Like really well. My milk came in an insulated bag with an extra freezer pack, and you can tell that my goods were packaged with care. It made my heart happy knowing Spud values great customer service.
  • Delivery is free if you order $70+, only $3.50 if you order between $40 – $69.99.
  • If you are still judging me, I dare you to try it. Just once. You may never go back.

Bonus – You Get $20 Off Your First Order

The main reason I gave Spud a try a few weeks ago, was due to their $20 in free groceries promotion. It seemed like a no-brainer. Sign up, enter in your referral code (thanks to my sister), put $50 of groceries in your cart and pay $30. Sweet! It’s a good promo on their part because I’m sure most people who give it a try get hooked. There’s no catch, you can order as much or as little as you’d like every week, and you can skip weeks that you don’t need anything at all.

Want to give it a try? Here’s my promo code to get you started on the free grocery deal! Just follow this link and make sure the referral code field says CRVAN-MOLSHB – and you’re on your way!

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated or provided any free products in exchange for this article. I simply love Spud and wanted to share the news about this great product. I will, however, receive $20 towards my next order if any of my readers use the referral code: CRVAN-MOLSHB (thank you!!). 


5 Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts (for him!)

Man Crates

Man Crate

I first heard about Man Crates from my good friend Kristi Ferguson, over at I Love That! These gift baskets for men come with no frills & no fluff, leaving plenty of room for things men love. Best part about these way-cool gifts? They actually come in a sealed crate – and a mini crow bar to open them!

Available crate selection includes Whiskey Lovers, Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit, Grill Masters (and many more) & range in price from $80 – $130. Smaller ‘Ammo Tin’ packages are also available for those on a budget.

The Nordic Mug – David’s Tea

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 10.04.34 AM

Even though he probably wouldn’t willingly admit it, my husband loves his morning tea. He’s constantly stealing my David’s tea mug (since the tea strainer fits in it so perfectly). I love how they now have a selection of mugs that are also man-friendly!

Beer Tasting Glass Sets

Picture 794

Did you know certain beers are only meant to be enjoyed from certain glass styles? Neither did I, until I started learning more about (the wonderful world of) craft beers! Treat the beer-loving-man in your life to a glass set especially for him!

4 Piece Libbey Beer Glass Set from | 8 Piece Beer Tasting Set from Red Envelope

Message In a Bottle Flash Drive

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 10.36.08 AM

This message in a bottle USB drive is just too cute! Fill with photos of the two of you, tie with a ribbon (or add a note) and voila! Gift complete. These can be ordered from Uncommon Goods – and there’s still time to ship before V-Day!

Deluxe Fragrance Sampler Set For Men

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 10.43.43 AM

Sometimes it can be a little difficult picking out a new scent for your man, so why not give him a selection to choose from instead! This sample pack from Sephora contains 5 travel-size bottles of their best selling refined (and bold!) scents. A great way to give the gift of a sexy new scent, without all the stress of choosing!

Do you normally exchange gifts with your loved one on Valentine’s Day? This year, my husband will be working graveyards on the love day, so we’ll be celebrating a little earlier in the week. I’m looking forward to a dinner out (and and perhaps a few tulips to dress up my office)!



5 Fave Friday (wee bit late!)

Since Jess and I took a little vacation south of the border this past weekend, my list of things to do before we left were a little long. In the mix of everything, I didn’t get my Fave Friday post out on, well, Friday!

1. The Good Wife. Anyone who knows me well, knows that once I start on a show I can get a little bit addicted. Enter The Good Wife. On Netflix. Meaning all of a sudden at least 4 seasons were available to me all at the same time. I’ve somehow managed to work my way through 3 of those seasons in the past ohhhhhh, 3 weeks or so. I’m terribly ashamed yet also slightly proud of this.

Good Wife

2. The Portage Bay Cafe, with 3 locations in Seattle. The first time we visited Seattle last year (read part 1 & part 2 here), we were told this cafe was a ‘can’t miss’ kind of place. Unfortunately, we did miss it, but only because the wait to eat was an hour and half! This year, we were determined to get in to try their famous fruit buffet, and lucked out with only a 30 minute wait. We made the most of it by ordering a mocha while we waited and watched the Seahawk excitement buzz around us!

Portage bay

3. The Mango Madness Tea from David’s Tea. Although I’m normally a coffee person, I’ve been trying hard to limit my caffeine intake now that the holiday season is over. Less caffeine usually means a healthier me, especially when it comes to my anxiety levels. Now that my David’s Tea collection is growing, I’m realizing that maybe my brain was just subconsciously finding something else for me to spend my money on. It seems the stuff really does burn a whole through my pockets!


4. This adorable little photo collage that Gussy Sews created for her son’s nursery nook. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for photo walls, especially when they include pops of teal and bright yellow. Instant happiness? Yes please!


5.This living room nook by the wonderful and incredibly talented Mandi from Vintage Revivals. I used to think that when I had a bigger home things would just fall beautifully into place like Mandi has done here. Although, now that I am in a bigger place, I’m realizing it actually takes a bit of work (and inspiration) to create that perfect nook that makes your heart happy. Lucky for me, that realization has lead me to discover a whole new appreciation for great design, colour coordinations and that perfectly place ornament!

Living Room Makeover @ Vintage Revivals-30[7]What have you all been loving this week?




5 Fave Friday

1. It’s usually about a few times a week that I stumble across something awesome that makes me want to spent all my monies. This week, it was these Plan It Stamps by Studio L2E! Since this is the first year that I am completing Project Life, I’ve been mapping up my online communities on Facebook & Instagram, to surround myself with others who are doing the same thing. Since these people are (of course) of the creative variety, I should have expected to discover many more pretty and beautiful things through them!


So far, I’ve discovered the wonder of Filofax and have totally fallen in love with this artsy journal and planner tool! Sadly, I’ve already selected and starters by Sugar Paper planner for 2014, I quickly noticed that there are many elements that crafters are using for their Filofax, that I can use in my existing planner now. These stamps included! I love, love, love the hydrate stamp, because heaven knows I need reminders to drink enough water every day! Go on, search #filofax and #planneraddicts on Instagram. I dare you not to get addicted.

2. These planked wall hooks will most certainly be making an appearance in our home sometime in the near future. Even though we are renting, I’m determined to find a way that passes the ‘Jess test’ and allow me to bring a bit of dimension to my craft room. Now the only question is should I use white or beige trim on my beige walls. Any great opinions out there to help me out?

6a00d8358081ff69e2019b01659156970c-800wi copy

3. I’m loving the new design space over at Arrow and Lace Designs – and I’m so excited for them to reopen their doors in February!! She will probably have you loving everything crisp, clean and gold after you check it out!


4. This haircut! Since they’ve added a higher volume of chlorine into our water here, my tresses have not been doing well. I’ve never been one to suffer from dry or damaged hair, but I’ve been getting split ends like nobody’s business! I’ve been putting off visiting my hair stylist because I have a feeling I’m going to have to loose a few inches, and I just don’t feel 100% ready yet. Except for this style. It’s going to be my saving grace, I can feel it.

afa35950b4e52a81af3a9516c98009eb5. These super comfy & super cute leg warmers from Salem Wolf Designs. I’ve been coveting them for a while – especially the ones on the far right! Since Jess and I will be heading off to Seattle relatively soon (and I usually buy a new pair of boots every time we visit the Seattle Premium Outlets), I think a pair or two of these might be needed. A gift can dream, right?


I hope your week was lovely, and that you were able to keep your spirits relatively high even through all this gloomy weather!

Much love,


5 Fave Friday

kcroninbarrow-2014-happynewyearHappy New Year my friends!

I just don’t understand how it could possibly be the New Year already – but I have to admit, I’m actually a quite ready to roll into a fresh new start! 2013 held so many exciting things for us, new beginnings, moves, big projects (including our wedding), that it made it slightly difficult to relax and take breathers when I needed them. It could just be the enthusiasm of the first week of new resolutions, but much time this week was spent in my office. Writing, reflecting, filing, sorting & dreaming up my goals and ambitions for 2014.

I’m excited to share all these upcoming plans with you in the near future, but for now, here are my favourites for this week!

DSC_04141. The newly established Chilliwack Running & Wine club. Because you always need a little motivation to run, right? The club was born primarily out of a need to create accountability between a number of us that are looking to get a little more fit this year. For me, it’s more about establishing a routine and spending qualitytime with lovely ladies, but the toned legs and motivation to eat healthier is a more-than-welcome side product. We’re keeping it simple and only committing to one run a week (Saturdays at 9:30am), but we’ve decided to ‘throw in’ others when someone is heading out. That way, we have main days that work for everyone, and a few extra days where you might find a partner to go with you.All are welcome, so feel free to request to join the group if you are interested! We are primarily beginner runners, who will most likely bond over wise cracks on how slow we are. It will be a good time, and I’m looking forward to improving with these great ladies!


2. Busting open my Project Life kit! I’ve been a long time admirer of Becky Higgens ever since my actively scrapbooking days – so I’ve been familiar with PL for some time now. Although, it’s only ever been available online, and the price + shipping always seemed to be a bit more than I felt it was worth. Imagine my surprise when, on my birthday, I stumbled across these kits front in centre at our local Michael’s store. At. 50%. Off. I nearly bought ever item they had in stock. It’s probably good that I didn’t. Anyways, I grabbed 2 core kits which consist of a collect of 4×6 & 3×6 coordinating papers, title cards & note cards, a 12×12 album, multi-design page protectors and a nifty little corner rounder.


For those of you that aren’t familiar with this memory-keeping system, it is essentially a user friendly scrapbooking option that takes the guesswork out of page layout. Using the specialty page protectors, crafters pick and choose pre-cut papers, add a few photos, pen a little journalling… and you’re done! It can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like it to be, which is why I love it! I will be journalling the whole year using this format, with one spread per week. Wish me luck on my adventure!

3. My favourite present from under the tree this Christmas, my Kindle! Once I finally figured out how to download and convert the books into a format that the kindle would read (which took forever), I was a happy lady. I’m currently loving curling up with my Kindle and disappearing into the world of District 13 and the Mockingjay’s progress in overthrowing the Capital. I’m already doing more reading than I was in 2013, and I like the way that feels.

My Social Book

4. My Social Book is so freaking cool! Ever wish you still got yearbooks at the end of every year, like back in school? Well, My Social Book is kind of like that! They created an easy way to convert the story of your life into a book, using your Facebook’s activity, photos & status updates. It even automatically grabs comments and likes from your friends and family. Granted, that can either be an excellent thing or a horrible thing, but guaranteed to be humorous nonetheless. A small part of me wants to order one for years way back in the day (maybe, circa 2008) so that I can hold onto those ridiculous updates of my early 20’s. Lord knows going down that rabbit hole on actual Facebook would result in many hours of wasted time, but when confined to a book there aren’t a million links begging me to click on!
Prices start at $12 CAN for a 25 page book (soft cover & hard cover options available) and right now they are offering a 30% discount on your first order.


5. Birthday Surprises! This past weekend, Kayla, Daryl & Jess surprised me with a day of adventure for my birthday. Upon arriving into the dutiful decorated fun-mobile, I was presented with a tiara, a birthday pin and a tinkerbell fun cup to be utilized throughout the day. We visited Planet Lazer in Langley, shopped downtown Vancouver (and refilled my dangerously low Nespresso supply) and drank sweet sweet fresh marq’s at Las Margaritas – but the highlight of our adventure was our unforgettable dining experience at The Dark Table in Kitsilano.

The Dark Table is an adventure, indeed. Guests are ushered into a pitch black dining hall (by way a choo-choo train lead by their server), and enjoy their meal entirely in the dark! Before you get uncomfortable about the thought of eating in a dimly lit restaurant, let me assure you the food is delicious! Dishes are chosen from the menu outside the dining area, so you are able to choose exactly what you would like to eat prior to entering. Appetizers & desserts are the ‘secret of the day’ but commonly utilize everyday dishes such as salads and cheesecake. Watch for a full review coming up in the future, but I can tell you one thing. You will make a mess, you will probably eat with your hands, and you will certainly experience the most intimate dining experience you’ve ever had. Funny how you realize how distracted we are as a society, until you take away our phones and all visual stimulation. We will certainly be returning for another round!

The Dark Table is located at 2611 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver. Reservations are highly recommended, and can be made for either 5:45pm or 8:30pm on most nights.

5 Fave Friday

What a week, what a week! My week this week was filled with days on set (a new pilot series called “The Lottery” and 50 Shades of Grey), a little bit of snow time and busy days in the office. The post man has been visiting our door quite a bit lately too, as we gear up for Christmas and get the store ready for our first market in February! There are so many pretty things arriving that it makes me a little sad knowing that I can’t keep all of them for myself!

Here are the things that have been making my heart happy this week!

1. Amy Smith & Andrea Owen‘s Self Love Revolution! This e-course has been on my wish list for far too long, so when they offered 50% off as a black friday sale last week, I scooped up their 30 day e-course without even batting an eye! Admittedly, I’m a little behind the eight ball, and have just started listening to the on-the-go bundle, but already I can feel great things shifting deep inside my soul. So far, we’re learning about talking down our gremlins, taking time for ourselves and even hearing from kick-butt guest speakers like Vancouver’s own Danielle Laporte! I’m loving it – and if you’re a woman, I think you’d love it too.
Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 5.30.13 PM

2. The Over App for iPad & iPhone. Since upgrading to the newest iOS on my MacBook, I’m now able to share my photos between all of my Apple devices (finally!). This has been a huge help to me, since I’ve been using the Over app almost religiously in combination with AllyBeth Design Co.‘s pictures (and instagram). It’s been so much fun using their fonts & graphics, and I’m in love with the selection of hipster options to chose from! Sometimes, you just need a little frill or swirl or arrow design to complete the look.

3. Since I was determined to read the book before watching the movie, I started and finished Catching Fire (of the Hunger Games Trilogy) this week. It’s not like you really need anyone to tell you it’s awesome. But it is. And you should read it. 🙂 Now I’m just about to start the hunt for the third book in the series, which I should be able to start and finish before that movie comes out. Here’s to hoping!

4. Mati Rose and all of her beautiful, talented and truthful glory. I watched this art time lapse collab with Kelly Rae Roberts a few years ago now, and have been in love with her art ever since. I’ve been reading through her blog more so this past week, and just had to share about her most recent post. She is somehow an inspiration even as she goes through a difficult time, and her honesty will certainly help others in a similar situation.

5. This $100 giveaway for Shop Ruche via A Beautiful Mess! I’ve been a lover of Shop Ruche for many years now, and love stumbling across other bloggers who love it just as much as I do! I received a scarf from here last year for Christmas from my momma, and I still get compliments on it every time I wear it! They have such an inspiring collection and I’d jump at any chance I get to win a free gift certificate from there!!

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

What were your favourite parts of this week? Did you discover anything new and pretty?

X to the o!


5 Fave Friday

20131206-164618.jpgThis week, I’m thankful for spending time indoors (it’s way too windy and chilly out there for me) and piping hot earl grey tea lattes. The kind you have to cuddle for a bit until it cools down enough to be able to drink it.

Since I’ve spent so much time on the computer this week, I’m extra excited to share my 5 favourites with you. If anything, they’ll serve as a reminder to myself later on when it’s time to purchase those last minute Christmas gifts!

1. I found Urban Walls on Instagram (@urbanwalls) this week and have totally fallen in love with their gold polka dot wall decor (pictured above). Now, if only I knew where in my house to put this for myself…

2. This adorable wooden wreath from the brilliant minds over at Vintage Revival. I mean really, how is this not already over my mantle?!


3. Kelly Rae Roberts and her “Wear Your Joy” series. As a follower of Kelly Rae for years upon years, I love checking in on her blog every once in a while to see what new things she is up to. I was thrilled when I started seeing her artwork pop up in Carlton Cards here in my home town, especially since she was just starting as an artist when I first discovered her. She’s started this series as an act of intentionally only wearing the clothes that fill her with joy. It’s not about being superficial, but about letting your clothes really reflect who you are and the joy you have for life. It’s so inspiring, so I recommend you go and check it out!

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 11.35.04 AM

4. My new planner from Sugar Paper that I scored on sale at Target. My first visit to Target was exciting enough (we just got one here in our Canadian town!), so I squealed with Joy when I found “the” planner for 2014. I’m abnormally picky when it comes to my new planners each year (it’s like a journal, it’s personal!) so my search usually starts around October, and doesn’t stop until I’ve found the perfect one. I love the gold dots throughout, and how simple, yet elegant it looks.


5. My new creative venture, AllyBeth Design Co! Since our weddings this past summer, both my best friend and I felt like it would be such a shame to let all of our newfound planning, sourcing and designing skills just go to waste! Once the rush of both weddings died down (and we had time to recuperate a bit), we pooled our best ideas together and AllyBeth Design Co. was born! We are officially a few weeks in, but this week was really monumental for us in really getting noticed, and the orders really started coming in! We will be adding more and more products to our Facebook page in the upcoming months, so please make sure to check it out!


What were your fave 5 this week? Did you discover anything awesome that you want to make sure to save for later (or did you just do/buy/make it right away?). 

X to the O,