Wedding Wednesday: Using Bunting as Wedding Decor

When Jess and I were planning our wedding, I was lucky enough to have been given free reign for decor decisions (as is usually the case, I’m told). I had long since loved the idea of bunting, in all shapes and forms, and knew that they would certainly be making an appearance on our big day. There are so many different ways to make this trend part of your event that it’s important to decide on a few of your favourites, in order to prevent over-doing it. If you love this trend as much as I do, here are a ideas of how to use the different kinds of bunting.

Doily Bunting

There’s just something about doily bunting that looks so beautiful and whimsical. Whether it’s the white lace on the white trim, or how it allows colours to and light to shine though, this style of bunting can be the perfect touch to many types of events. If you happen to have a large stash of crocheted or lace doilies hanging around your house – this just might be the perfect way to use them! If not, I would suggest starting your search very early on in your planning process. Although I loved the look of doily bunting, I was already having a difficult time finding enough doilies for each of my tables. I couldn’t image trying to find enough to complete any decent sized string of them sewn to biased tape!

Bunting Collage1

After scouring Craigslist & local thrift shops for months, I concluded for my own wedding, the crocheted and lace doilies would have to be confined to the tables. We compromised by stocking up on a few packages of paper doilies from the local craft store and strung them along with our engagement photos to greet our guests as they entered into hall! We also made quite a few feet of ‘half doily’ bunting, where we cut the doilies in have, and strung the straight edge with twine (no clothespins necessary) to decorate the front of the stage. I personally loved how they reminded me of snowflakes (which I love).

DSC_0162Cake Topper Bunting

Another great bunting trend is to utilize mini-bunting attached on your cake or dessert table! I’ve seen mini bunting used to spell out the bride’s new last name, words such as love, or just used for an extra pop of colour. Although I had already found my dream cake toppers by Red Light Studio, this style didn’t work for my own wedding, but I just loved the idea!

Bunting Collage2Paper Bunting

One of the greatest ways to add colour to any wedding or event, in my opinion, is simple paper bunting! This is the style that we ended up using extensively throughout our wedding – and we loved how it really emphasized the ombre of blues, mints and greens that we wanted to display throughout! If you are creating these for an upcoming event of your own, the easiest way to ensure your paper colours coordinate is to purchase a paper pack. These can be purchased for around $20 at Michaels (if you bring your coupon!), and come in all sorts of colour combinations. When putting together your bunting, don’t be afraid to mix in other patterns that might not match your colour scheme perfectly. They add dimension, and I promise it will look beautiful when they are all hung!

BuntingCollage3Burlap Lettering Bunting

And lastly, the best bunting option for words and lettering – burlap! This type of bunting is so much fun because the possibilities really are endless! The key to this look is tightly weaved burlap. Without it, your lettering will not appear solid as the paint will just drip right through to whatever you are painting on (wood, drop sheet, your floor!). Lucky for you (warning – shameless plug is about to occur) AllyBeth Design Co. makes these! Allison and I hand cut flags from our tight weave burlap, sew each flag individually (so it moves freely on the twine) and hand-paint all lettering to create the banner of your dreams. The best part? We really don’t charge that much to do it! We’re still getting our online store all set up, but feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at shan(dot)molnar(at) to place your order! We take payment via PayPal, and can even ship it to you for $3 extra.

IMG_0069Will you be incorporating any form of bunting at any upcoming events of yours? What is your favourite style?

much love and grace,



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