Hey Seattle!

A few weeks ago, Jess and I spent an extended weekend in Seattle, to celebrate my birthday. Although my birthday is in December, things tend to get a little crazy hectic (I’m a boxing day baby), so we usually celebrate it a few weeks later. Jess likes the extra time to prepare, and I like the excuse to sneak away for a little R&R.

We had so much fun exploring, reconnecting and (of course!) eating. Here are a few photos from our little trip.


We stopped at RAM Sports Bar & Brewery for a little snack once we got to Tulalip and ate the yummiest Mozza Sticks I ever did taste. They’re located in the parking lot area of the Premium Outlets, and it’s a great alternative to eating at the outlet food court. We promise. Plus, we also promise you won’t be disappointed in their ice teas.

Side Note: They are extremely sports-barry. So be prepared to lose focus, due to the fact there were over 20 televisions visible from our very seat.




Whenever we travel this far south of the border, we always (always) make sure to spend at least one night at the Tulalip Resort & Casino. We are part of their rewards club, and usually take advantage of the different email specials they send out a few times a year. I don’t think we’ve ever paid full price for a room here, but would have no problem paying it if we had too. This place is totally worth it.

The bathrooms are plenty big (plus there’s a cozy vanity on the opposite site) and their showers have three spray nozzles. It’s like your very own water massager (and it feels amazing). We normally visit the T-Spa during our stay as well, and this visit I tried out the River Rock Pedicure. A hot stone massage for my feet & legs? Yes please!



Pike Place Market is a favourite of ours, and we love any opportunity that allows us to put yummy food into our bellies. I have a weak spot for Beecher’s Cheese, and was so disheartened to find that they were sold out of their award winning mac n’ cheese! I suppose it might have something to do with us visiting on the weekend of the big game. Oh well, I know there is always next year!




We learned pretty quickly that the upcoming football game would determine whether the Seattle Seahawks or the San Francisco 49’ers would progress to the Superbowl. We also (finally) found out what all the 12’s meant all around town. Since Seahawk fans are known to be the rowdiest in the league, and there are 11 men on the field at the time, these enthusiastic fans are known as the 12th man on the team. Pretty cool, right?


Since we’ve always heard great reviews about The Crab Pot (but had never been), eating a meal here was one of our main Seattle goals this trip. It’s located right down on the water (near the Maritime Museum & Great Wheel) inside a little strip mall type thing. If all you see is an outdoor cafe type thing called the Crab Pot, don’t panic! This is just their lunch & quick eats cafe. I was seriously disappointed for a moment or two, before we realized you had to head inside the little mall to get to the main restaurant. Warning – they don’t take reservations, and sometimes the wait can be quite long. We had to wait an hour and a half (!!!), so we headed off to Ivar’s Seafood Bar a few blocks down and enjoyed a few drinks during their happy hour. It was a win/win, and we were back to The Crab Pot in time for our table to be ready.



As the pictures show, it’s a super classy establishment. Ha ha! They bring you bibs, shell crackers and a wooden slab as a plate – and then dump whichever crab pot you’ve chosen onto the table in front of you. Everything was so good, and surprisingly enough, we managed to eat every last piece of it all.


We stayed at the Alexis Hotel in downtown Seattle Saturday night, and did a little Irish pub hopping after dinner that night. A big thank you to the concierge at the hotel, for providing us with excellent suggestions & free appetizer passes!


We also found this really cool Scale Electric race car shop in Seattle (for my dear dad), called Red Devil Raceway. Although we were only there to pick up a new car, it was so neat to watch racers of all ages stop in to race & tinker with the cars to enhance performance!

IMG_2445 IMG_2448

On Sunday, we visited the Fremont Street Market and the Antique Village Mall. I found some really cool treasures, but I really just wanted to take their entire pyrex collection home with me. I’m currently feeling remorse for not doing just that.

IMG_0062 IMG_2431

Finally, we ate at (and loved) the Portage Bay Cafe! We tried to get here the last time we visited, but the wait was just too long. This time, it was only about 20 minutes and we were thrilled with the menu options and the fresh fruit bar! They make almost all of their offerings in-house (including their bread and sausage) and offer gluten-free options on many of the menu items.

Since we go to Seattle at least once a year, here are a few of our favourites from last time as well: Claim Jumper (in Lynwood, on the way), DragonFish (their happy hour is one to be reckoned with) and The Great Wheel (so much fun)!

We’ll see you next year, Seattle!

much love,

shannon xoxo


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