5 Fave Friday

1. It’s usually about a few times a week that I stumble across something awesome that makes me want to spent all my monies. This week, it was these Plan It Stamps by Studio L2E! Since this is the first year that I am completing Project Life, I’ve been mapping up my online communities on Facebook & Instagram, to surround myself with others who are doing the same thing. Since these people are (of course) of the creative variety, I should have expected to discover many more pretty and beautiful things through them!


So far, I’ve discovered the wonder of Filofax and have totally fallen in love with this artsy journal and planner tool! Sadly, I’ve already selected and starters by Sugar Paper planner for 2014, I quickly noticed that there are many elements that crafters are using for their Filofax, that I can use in my existing planner now. These stamps included! I love, love, love the hydrate stamp, because heaven knows I need reminders to drink enough water every day! Go on, search #filofax and #planneraddicts on Instagram. I dare you not to get addicted.

2. These planked wall hooks will most certainly be making an appearance in our home sometime in the near future. Even though we are renting, I’m determined to find a way that passes the ‘Jess test’ and allow me to bring a bit of dimension to my craft room. Now the only question is should I use white or beige trim on my beige walls. Any great opinions out there to help me out?

6a00d8358081ff69e2019b01659156970c-800wi copy

3. I’m loving the new design space over at Arrow and Lace Designs – and I’m so excited for them to reopen their doors in February!! She will probably have you loving everything crisp, clean and gold after you check it out!


4. This haircut! Since they’ve added a higher volume of chlorine into our water here, my tresses have not been doing well. I’ve never been one to suffer from dry or damaged hair, but I’ve been getting split ends like nobody’s business! I’ve been putting off visiting my hair stylist because I have a feeling I’m going to have to loose a few inches, and I just don’t feel 100% ready yet. Except for this style. It’s going to be my saving grace, I can feel it.

afa35950b4e52a81af3a9516c98009eb5. These super comfy & super cute leg warmers from Salem Wolf Designs. I’ve been coveting them for a while – especially the ones on the far right! Since Jess and I will be heading off to Seattle relatively soon (and I usually buy a new pair of boots every time we visit the Seattle Premium Outlets), I think a pair or two of these might be needed. A gift can dream, right?


I hope your week was lovely, and that you were able to keep your spirits relatively high even through all this gloomy weather!

Much love,



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