Project Life / A Project Overview


You may have noticed that I’ve mentioned something called Project Life a few times on the blog, during the past few weeks. I gave a brief overview of it during in this Fave 5 post a few weeks ago, but I’ve been wanting to give it the true introduction that it deserves! Because let me tell you, I freaking love this idea!!

Project Life is the brainchild of Becky Higgens, a bit of a celebrity in the scrapbooking world. Now, if you’re not a scrapbooker please, please, please don’t go running for the hills just yet. I promise, you’re going to like this! When Becky became a mom, she no longer had time to devote to elaborate layouts, crazy embellishments and fancy stamping tricks. She did, however, still have a desire to capture their lives together as a family. Although scrapbooking has always been about pictures and the memories behind them, sometimes the art (and the pressure) of creating the perfect page, would take away from the story that was being told.

Enter the relatively new trend of documenting life. This approach is less about the scrapbooking, and more about letting the memories of everyday life shine through. It’s taking pictures of the avocado covered floor when the guacamole was dropped, it’s receipts from your first date as a married couple, it’s pictures of the impromptu photo shoot at Christmas dinner last year. It’s a way of doing something with those photos might have otherwise just sat on your hard drive!

To make a long story short, Becky designed a method that worked for her and her family. It included page protectors, pre cut pieces of paper and trendy rounded edges. Add a few journalling blocks and she was set to move onto the next page. Her fans started picking up on her idea, and before you know it, Project Life was available to purchase in beautifully designed packaging! As if us design lovers don’t have enough trouble keeping our money in our wallets!

Here’s How it Works

Step 1: Pick up a Project Life Binder & Project Life Page Protectors!

03Step 2: Pick up a Core Paper Kit! My favourite right now this one, called “Midnight Edition”

20130518-202110Step 3: Get those photos ready and slide em’ on in!

380038_2013_ProjectLife_Midnight_Sample copyEasy, right? I’ll doing a 2 page layout for every week in 2014 and I’m so excited to work on it! As someone who used to scrapbook quite a bit, I’m loving this gentle nudge to get back into being more creative on a daily basis. I’m looking forward to sharing my pages along with you as I go!

Project Life products can be purchased on Amazon, but I picked up all of my essentials from my local Michael’s craft store (with a 50% coupon, of course).



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