On My Shifting View of Resolutions

ae9287f4e1dfbdb73376e54cb761bd63I’m not normally a resolution kind of gal.

I’m usually more of a planning & analyzing goals to death kind of person. The problem is, by mid-March I’ve usually overwhelmed myself so much with all the big hopes and ambitions, that I back out before even starting.

Caution // I do a little soul searching from here on out. You’ve been warned 🙂

In previous years, I would latch onto goals that involved doing more or less of something that I felt guilty of doing too much or too little of in the previous year. I would look back on my year in review and pick it apart. I worked too much, I watched too much television, I didn’t eat right or visit the gym enough. Or the kickers: I spent too much money and I made too little. Somehow then, my goals for the following year were all fuelled from a place of dislike for both myself and my choices. I would start planning lofty goals to somehow make the next year much bigger, and better. I’d be a better friend, daughter and sister, if only I could fix everything I did wrong last year during this new fresh year ahead.

Queue to 12 months later, when it was time to review the year again. Somehow, I’d still find ways to pick away at it and admit to myself I’d come up short yet again. Anyone else picking up on the cycle that’s beginning to emerge? Funny how things can be unfolding right in front of your eyes, without you even noticing – and then one day BAM. You can’t help but scratch your head and wonder why you didn’t pick up on that before.

I’ve been listening to (and loving) The Self Love Revolution recordings that I have, and words cannot express all the doors they have been opening in my little mind. I feel blessed to be able to start a fresh new year armed with a growing appreciation for my sense of self.


So this year, for the first time, I’m working on my resolutions from a place of love. I’ve chosen things that I would like more of in 2014, not because I feel like I have to, but because I want to. And not in that whiny “I want that toy because she has one” or “I want to have a peaceful life like that lady over there, why can’t I have that?!” kind of way either. But because I’m ready to fully experience it.

Coolest of all, though, is that my new resolutions didn’t emerge after reviewing 2013. Nor did they come up while looking in the mirror or sitting in front of the television with a bowl of chips. They came from a little voice inside my head while I was in my office doodling to Enya. They came while I was working on my Project Life binder. They came when I was walking my pup in the glorious sunshine. My inner goddess was saying “this is fun, it would be nice to do this more.”


And so I have been. It’s interesting how much easier things fall into place when you approach them from a place of gratitude rather than resentment. In previous years, I didn’t go to the gym or work out often because I resented the fact I had nobody to motivate me. I felt as though I tried really hard to make it work, but it just seemed too difficult.

Starting the Chilliwack Running & Wine Club was just one of those things that sort of happened. There was a voice, I responded with action and now we have a group that is growing. Of course, keeping up with the fresh air jogs might not always be easy, but I can certainly tell you my soul loves the extra vitamin D and the bonus of excellent company. There wasn’t an elaborate plan, or a much of a group discussion… it just fell into place. 

Since changing my mind frame to be more about what I enjoyed, and less about expectations I put on myself, my outlook has shifted dramatically. I’m learning that our inner selves already know what we need, and are just waiting to help us get the wheels going. It’s too bad most of us (myself included) fill our minds with so much noise, that their nudges can’t get through. I hope my more-than-a-few words of honesty help you re-evaluate your own resolutions and check to make sure they are making you feel wonderful about your fine self!

So with that, I leave you for my resolution whispers for 2014. They’re very simply & very easy to remember. Things that I’ll be reminding myself of throughout the year to keep me on the track of nourishing my own body, mind & soul. Most importantly, they come from a place of love, acknowledgement and gratitude for myself and those I share my life with. And they feel oh so good.

  • If it makes me feel joyous, celebrate it. If it doesn’t, walk away.
  • Spend plenty of time connecting with the outdoors, and disconnecting from technology
  • Show gratitude towards the ones that fulfill my life
  • Indulge in inspiration & creativity
  • Take time for slower steps, moments of peace and allowing the nudges to come through

Much love,


P.S. Didn’t you know? Resolutions that come from a place of love clear out more room for lots of happy shenanigans for 2014! 🙂


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