VIP Experience at Cineplex HighStreet

For our date night a few weeks ago, my husband and I decided on a dinner and a movie date in Abbotsford, to visit the new VIP Movie Experience at HighStreet Mall. We had been hearing all sorts of fun things about the new VIP lounge, and really wanted to go check it out for ourselves! Speciality food & drink menus, plus service in our seats? Yes please!

For dinner, we headed to our favourite go-to place in Abbotsford for a relaxed and yummy dinner, the Baron Bar & Grill. We featured the Baron over at the Fraser Valley Pulse in our 10 Great Patios of the Fraser Valley post a while back, but it has still remained a favourite of mine, even when it’s too cold for the patio. They recently celebrated their grand re-opening after renovations in October & November, and although they’ve revamped their food & drink menu and specials, we were pleased to see that some of our old favourites were still on the list!

Since we were seeing the late screening of Captain Phillips, we knew we wouldn’t make it to HighStreet in time to do any shopping, but decided to arrive early to take a look around anyways. Although I visited HighStreet for the London Drugs grand opening, I hadn’t been back since all of the other stores opened earlier this fall. It was such a nice surprise to see that HighStreet is now home to so many great stores like Urban Barn & H&M, and I’ll certainly be coming back on an Urban Market Saturday to shop with the ladies from Spruce Collective! If you’re quick, you can still catch one before Christmas!


When it was time to head to the theatre, we were directed to the special VIP area entrance that is located to the left as soon as you go up the escalator. We were greeted by the door man (it was very official!) who checked our tickets and our identification. Since the VIP lounge and theatres are licensed (meaning you can choose from a plethora of alcoholic beverages), no minors are permitted.

The inside of the lounge has the same sort of feel as an Earl’s or Cactus Club, with a mixture of tables, bar seats, and low seated leather couches nestled in front of a fireplace. I loved all of the quotes from well known movie starts, especially ones like Marilyn Monroe & Humphrey Bogart! We spent a bit of time relaxing and chatting before the movie, but held off on ordering in the lounge – we wanted to wait to be served in the movie theatre itself!

VIP Experience

Once inside the movie theatre we were lead to our seats and shown where to find the menus on the backs of the chairs in front of us. After perusing the yummy appetizers (like calamari, chicken wings & wraps), we finally decided on the delicious looking brownie explosion, complete with toppings like ice cream and whipped cream. And we got to eat it while watching a movie. In a theatre. Why has it taken us so long to make this a reality?!

Although ticket prices for this experience are higher than regular admission, we found the concession prices to be very comparable of other dining establishments.

Other perks of the VIP experience? An advertisement free pre-show, reserved seating, extra plush seating and pull out tables to use while you are dining!

Have you been to visit the new Cineplex yet? It’s a perfect date night, and something that everyone should try at least once!

x to the o


(p.s. please excuse the lack of photos in this post – we took many more but they seem to have gotten deleted!)



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