5 Fave Friday

What a week, what a week! My week this week was filled with days on set (a new pilot series called “The Lottery” and 50 Shades of Grey), a little bit of snow time and busy days in the office. The post man has been visiting our door quite a bit lately too, as we gear up for Christmas and get the store ready for our first market in February! There are so many pretty things arriving that it makes me a little sad knowing that I can’t keep all of them for myself!

Here are the things that have been making my heart happy this week!

1. Amy Smith & Andrea Owen‘s Self Love Revolution! This e-course has been on my wish list for far too long, so when they offered 50% off as a black friday sale last week, I scooped up their 30 day e-course without even batting an eye! Admittedly, I’m a little behind the eight ball, and have just started listening to the on-the-go bundle, but already I can feel great things shifting deep inside my soul. So far, we’re learning about talking down our gremlins, taking time for ourselves and even hearing from kick-butt guest speakers like Vancouver’s own Danielle Laporte! I’m loving it – and if you’re a woman, I think you’d love it too.
Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 5.30.13 PM

2. The Over App for iPad & iPhone. Since upgrading to the newest iOS on my MacBook, I’m now able to share my photos between all of my Apple devices (finally!). This has been a huge help to me, since I’ve been using the Over app almost religiously in combination with AllyBeth Design Co.‘s pictures (and instagram). It’s been so much fun using their fonts & graphics, and I’m in love with the selection of hipster options to chose from! Sometimes, you just need a little frill or swirl or arrow design to complete the look.

3. Since I was determined to read the book before watching the movie, I started and finished Catching Fire (of the Hunger Games Trilogy) this week. It’s not like you really need anyone to tell you it’s awesome. But it is. And you should read it. ūüôā Now I’m just about to start the hunt for the third book in the series, which I should be able to start and finish before¬†that movie comes out. Here’s to hoping!

4. Mati Rose and all of her beautiful, talented and truthful glory. I watched this art time lapse collab¬†with Kelly Rae Roberts a few years ago now, and have been in love with her art ever since. I’ve been reading through her blog more so this past week, and just had to share about her most recent post. She is somehow an inspiration even as she goes through a difficult time, and her honesty will certainly help others in a similar situation.

5. This $100 giveaway for Shop Ruche via A Beautiful Mess! I’ve been a lover of Shop Ruche for many years now, and love stumbling across other bloggers who love it just as much as I do! I received a scarf from here last year for Christmas from my momma, and I still get compliments on it every time I wear it! They have such an inspiring collection and I’d jump at any chance I get to win a free gift certificate from there!!

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

What were your favourite parts of this week? Did you discover anything new and pretty?

X to the o!



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