White, Grey & Red Holiday Decor

This Christmas season I’ve been finding myself really inspired by all the elements of a cozy, comfortable and warm living room. Since we are just starting to decorate our new home, if feel as though if I’m going to purchase home decor items right now, I want to use them all year round!

I finally decided on a grey, white/cream and red colour scheme for holidays, which has helped me justify purchasing cozy things in these shades. Once the holidays are over, I intend on pulling out the red – and voila still cozy and decorated!

Here are a few of the items that I’m currently coveting and trying to not go out and purchase them all, all at once.

1. This grey sweater pillow by Beaver Creek (Home Collection), available at Target.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 12.03.30 PM2. I’ve been swooning over the kraft paper wrapping designs (like at the bottom left of this picture). Although my beautiful ribbon stash is a little lacking in the Christmas department, I’m determined to at least give this look a go this year – even if I have to resort to using yarn pom-poms instead of wired ribbon! I’ve also been guilty in the past of holding on to wrapped Christmas gifts for others under my tree for a little too long, simply because I love how they add to the decor of my living room. Does anyone else do this, too?

2d7be25fbefee3abd0e7e02699a6d0903. I’m loving this red & grey bird felt piece by FolkHome! I think one or two of these would look adorable displayed over my Hemnes sofa table (which currently displays our record player & record collection).

d0c242561441d2d41aebbf3e201383364. Although this one doesn’t have a lick of grey in it, I have so much love for the vinyl cut out on that window! Since I have so many barn windows left over from our wedding, I’ve been looking for ways to utilize them in our home as decor. Since we’ve just started decorated, it’s can be a little difficult to know where to start sometimes! This piece is a great focal point, and the perfect place to start when building a mantle display.


5. The team over at Jennifer Rizzo put together this super cute mantle that is almost holiday, almost every day. Which I love because these pieces can do double do and last beyond the Christmas season! The fresh greenery also draws my eye, since I’ve just collected brunches of it from our front yard since the windstorm last night! Maybe it’s just what I need to bring a bit of the fresh pine smell into our living room (our tree is unfortunately artificial).

880c59cb0f88c04ce543e7c8aae7b35e6. Love this lace grey ornaments from christmas.com! Normally, I would easily make something like these myself, but at $11.95 for 4, I think I would just as quickly purchase them! I love how a package includes a mixture of neutral cozy-looking shades and that they’re unbreakable. 0db9416daa94f9b685ec8664f89c26bcWhat is your inspiration for your holiday display this year? Do you search Pinterest for inspiration or go blindly in your own direction?

X to the O,



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