5 Fave Friday

20131206-164618.jpgThis week, I’m thankful for spending time indoors (it’s way too windy and chilly out there for me) and piping hot earl grey tea lattes. The kind you have to cuddle for a bit until it cools down enough to be able to drink it.

Since I’ve spent so much time on the computer this week, I’m extra excited to share my 5 favourites with you. If anything, they’ll serve as a reminder to myself later on when it’s time to purchase those last minute Christmas gifts!

1. I found Urban Walls on Instagram (@urbanwalls) this week and have totally fallen in love with their gold polka dot wall decor (pictured above). Now, if only I knew where in my house to put this for myself…

2. This adorable wooden wreath from the brilliant minds over at Vintage Revival. I mean really, how is this not already over my mantle?!


3. Kelly Rae Roberts and her “Wear Your Joy” series. As a follower of Kelly Rae for years upon years, I love checking in on her blog every once in a while to see what new things she is up to. I was thrilled when I started seeing her artwork pop up in Carlton Cards here in my home town, especially since she was just starting as an artist when I first discovered her. She’s started this series as an act of intentionally only wearing the clothes that fill her with joy. It’s not about being superficial, but about letting your clothes really reflect who you are and the joy you have for life. It’s so inspiring, so I recommend you go and check it out!

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 11.35.04 AM

4. My new planner from Sugar Paper that I scored on sale at Target. My first visit to Target was exciting enough (we just got one here in our Canadian town!), so I squealed with Joy when I found “the” planner for 2014. I’m abnormally picky when it comes to my new planners each year (it’s like a journal, it’s personal!) so my search usually starts around October, and doesn’t stop until I’ve found the perfect one. I love the gold dots throughout, and how simple, yet elegant it looks.


5. My new creative venture, AllyBeth Design Co! Since our weddings this past summer, both my best friend and I felt like it would be such a shame to let all of our newfound planning, sourcing and designing skills just go to waste! Once the rush of both weddings died down (and we had time to recuperate a bit), we pooled our best ideas together and AllyBeth Design Co. was born! We are officially a few weeks in, but this week was really monumental for us in really getting noticed, and the orders really started coming in! We will be adding more and more products to our Facebook page in the upcoming months, so please make sure to check it out!


What were your fave 5 this week? Did you discover anything awesome that you want to make sure to save for later (or did you just do/buy/make it right away?). 

X to the O,



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