My November in Pictures

November in Photos

This November, we were busy settling into our new home, gearing up for the holidays and playing with a super-cute baby Madilyn. And lots & lots & lots of smiles.

1. We visited the new Mt. Lehman Cineplex for a VIP Experience and enjoyed specialty coffees and beers while watching a movie in the comfiest movie seats ever. We’ve since been back to watch Anchorman 2 in the VIP theatre as well, and they offer quite a full menu, we’d recommend sticking to tasteful desserts.

2. We packed up Bella (our Honda CRV) and took off to find some snow on a Sunday mountain adventure. Unfortunately, we didn’t find much snow but what we did find was plenty of whipped cream, hot chocolate and a wee bit of warming Jamison. Later than evening, we topped the weekend off with a plethora of muscles steamed in white wine sauce, oriental party packs and Ricardo’s Thai Chicken Pizza. We know, hosting superstars, right? It was also the night that Jess & Daryl purchased a 60 inch television through self checkout, and somehow managed to fit it in the back of a Rav 4. Quite commendable, one might say.

3. We held our annual cookie baking day, which again, consisted primarily of playing with Madilyn, holding Madilyn, and taking too many pictures of Madilyn. We somehow managed to get a few batches of gingerbread, shortbread & sugar cookies completed and decorated by the end of the day. And eaten by the end of the week. It’s safe to say that we were out of Christmas cookies well before Christmas!

x to the o

Shan Shan


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