That running bug is trying to bite me


On October 5th, I crashed team Poole Party for the Vancouver Colour Me Rad, and my first ever official 5km run.

Note that the term “run” here is said loosely due to the following reasons:

  1. We ran, and walked, and skipped. And threw handfuls coloured cornstarch at each other. It wasn’t hardly as challenging as I expected it to be and so much more fun than your typical run.
  2. It wasn’t even timed – which worked out well for everyone involved, since we spent so much time goofing off.


Even still, actually taking part in a 5km run and finishing it was a great experience for me. I’ve been meaning to take part in an official race for over 5 years now, but always found a way to procrastinate around it.

For me, completing this run was less about the fitness aspect and more about finally committing myself to doing it. I often have the best of intentions when it comes to my fitness, but end up backing out because I think it’s more hassle than it’s worth. I would think about all the other things I should be doing – and then I would spend my time, money and energy on those things instead.  Let me be the first one to admit that I know this is wrong, but I’m still guilty of doing it more than the average bear.

So – when the opportunity arose to sign up with a team for this particular race, I quickly registered before I could change my mind. Now that my registration was paid for, I was much more likely to actually run it. Go forced motivation.


Seriously though, this race was so much fun! Since I’ve never been to such a gathering, I loved all the energy and hype before the race. One of our team members had picked up our packages the day before (to save some time), which meant we got to spend our morning exploring the “expo” and check out all the booths. We scored some free Liberte Yogurt, which was a perfect pre-race snack (I wanted to sneak back for seconds of the Greek Pineapple flavour), and found a mountain of Red Bull for a pre-race pick me up.

We were quite a bit early and covered the booths fairly quickly, so we spent the rest of our time taking before pictures and people watching. We seen some folks with tutu’s, lots of brightly colour accessories like wigs, headbands and realllllly high socks (and that was just on the guys!). Although we felt a little plain in our black and white attire, we quickly brainstormed and made mental notes for possible team costumes for next year!

I layered up for the race (which you can probably tell from the picture above), since it was quite chilly the morning of. I’m SO glad I did, since we got pelted with both powder and liquid paint at 5 different points throughout the run, and I was thankful for the extra layers after my frontal body got soaked with green paint. Although I unfortunately don’t have a total after picture (I wasn’t brave enough to take my camera along with me), I can tell you that I was still finding green & orange spots all over my body for at least 48 hours after the race. I’m pretty sure I was well soaked!

Since Jess and I were heading to the island that weekend to visit his sister + family, he met us in Langley to do a Shannon exchange. Thankfully, they do give you a free shirt with registration, which turned out to be very helpful when it came time to jump in the car for the ride home.  I spent the majority of the drive from Langley to the ferry trying my hardest to get rid of my RAD facemask, and even then I looked like a self-tanning incident gone wrong. So I sucked it up and let people stare at me because I know I’m not crazy, and that’s all that matters.


All in all though, it was a total blast and I’m already looking forward to making a few of my friends join along with us next year. I mean come on, you get free fluorescent sunglasses, a shirt and a RAD tattoo.Who would want to pass that up?!


Did any of you do the Colour Me Rad or the Colour Run this year? What did you think? Would you do it again? Want to join our team next year? You totally should 🙂

xoxo, Shan

P.S. I’ll be running the moustache milier on November 23rd in Stanley park with my old roomie! It’s 3 miles of moustache goodness and there’s always room for more runners if you think you’d like to join!



2 thoughts on “That running bug is trying to bite me

  1. Betty Boutilier October 18, 2013 at 2:52 am Reply

    Congrats on your first 5k walk/ run/ skip but alway remember you did it and you got the medal for show & tell .. which is a very cool medal.I totally love my running addiction .

  2. […] running the Colour Me Rad run last month, I met Jess in Langley so we could catch a ferry over to Vancouver Island. It had […]

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