My September In Pictures

September2September seen us gearing up for many exciting changes that were about to take place!! Many hours were spent in the Clattenburg garage cutting, sawing, painting and constructing photo booths. George stopped by for a visit and we had to give it a test go to make sure everything worked well. Kayla, mom and I headed into Abbotsford for a baby appointment for Kayla and stopped off at the Old Spaghetti Factory on the way there. Nan was out to visit for a while before the wedding, and presented Jess & I with a beautiful quilt that happened to be the very first quilt she ever made, back in 1994. September3On September 6th, we were so excited to help welcome miss Madilyn Beth McMillan to the world! It was a long night of not much sleep, but when we were finally called in to see her around 3:30 in the morning , it was completely and totally worth it. I had no idea how quickly this cute little girl would have me wrapped around her finger, and I am officially the proudest auntie in the whole wide world. I’ve been told that if I think it’s bad now, just wait until she actually starts calling me auntie. She’s 5 weeks old now, and has already grown by leaps and bounds. I think I’m in trouble. September4Since Jess & I are huge Big Brother fans, we both went down to Metrotown on September 8th to try out for the Vancouver open casting call. We were up early enough to be in downtown Burnaby by 8am, and geared up to wait a few hours in line before getting a 3 minute interview with the producers of the show. Afterwards, we decided to hit up Ikea since it would be such a shame to drive all the way in there and not even visit the big blue store! Great minds must think alike, since we ran into the wonderful Myranda and Todd there and proceeded to browse the store together in a jolly manner.

September6The week before the wedding was such a crazy/fun/busy/relaxing/stressful/comical time!! We had so much to do, but had so much great help to get us through the never ending to-do lists. Nan came with to help us pick out the flowers from Costco (which were used for all the table vases and throughout the hall as decor). Dad was on dress pick up duty from Champagne and Lace and had it all set up on the light by the mantle for when we got home. The night before the wedding, we had nan come down to help sew in her wedding ring as my something borrowed. Uncle Tom was a great dress-holder-upper while we did the sewing, because that thing sure wasn’t light!

September 5I’m saving my actually wedding photos for a special post, but I can’t leave out the biggest thing that happened this September! The night before the wedding, we had an all ladies sleep over at mom and dad’s with Layla, Allison, Kayla and Madilyn and it was so much fun! Of course, since I was having a minor freakout (Allison’s wallet and my bank cards were stolen during hall set up), wine and won ton soup was necessary to make the tummy feel a little bit better. Although this was the second bowl of won ton soup, as the first one fell on the floor just outside of London Drugs. I wouldn’t have expected anything else!


Also, since I can’t leave you without any wedding photos – I’ll part with this stunner that we got as a teaser from our lovely photographers over at Riverside Events & Parties.

xoxo Shan


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