The Story

Way back when (in 2009 & 2010), I used to write fairly regularly in a little blog called Extraordinarily Ordinary. I shared all about things I loved, art that made my heart happy, gifts and projects that I was hand-making and what was going on in our kitchen. Since then, life got busy, I got frazzled and somewhere along the way I started forgetting to find joy in the little things. Since that’s what my blog was all about, I stopped writing in my blog as a result.

Now, almost 4 years later, I’ve finally decided to give it another go – without getting too worked up about focus, design or the bigger picture. Sometimes planning the bigger picture really can be more trouble than it’s worth, and I’ve spent too much time planning ideas that never came to be (Primarily because I started off with dreams and expectations that were so lofty they intimidated even myself).

So I’m returning to finding joys without worrying about what they mean. I’m simply living + smiling + taking things as they are. Without trying to turn them into an entrepreneurial venture or sponsorship opportunity.

I’m getting back to accepting me for me, and being honest and true to the new Shannon Molnar (previously known as Shannon Clattenburg). I’m standing up for who I am, regardless if others think it’s ‘right’ or the way they would do it. I don’t, contrary to what I’ve believed most of my life, have to fit into a mold. I find that since becoming a self-employed individual in 2011, I’ve struggled substantially with obtaining and upholding a professionally acceptable image – and how it contradicted with the person I felt I was inside. Even though I made the decision to become self employed to ‘be my own boss’ so to speak, I’ve found that now, instead of having just one boss, I have multiple. Multiple being all the possible clients that I need to impress and uphold that image for – something I’m now finally ready to let go of.

So this blog is a representation of the new Shannon. The Shannon who is inspired to return to the carefree individual that is still inside of her. The one without a constant buzzing inside her head, the one who laughs with her whole belly and appreciates the beauty in being still.

And let me tell you. I’m excited 🙂

xoxo. Shan


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